Marketing & Communications

I can offer online presence expertise and communication strategies (B2C and B2B). Market intelligence, consumer insights and competitor analysis are also provided. My marketing mix includes digital and traditional marketing to reach all audiences.

Business Strategy

Key to business development, digital strategy combines market discovery, brand awareness, reputation/PR, social selling and customer engagement, including advocacy - online word-of-mouth activities such as endorsements and reviews.

Digital Training & Coaching

I offer training to individuals and organisations: marketing strategy, social media and analytics. I also provide content coaching to improve writing skills. I give public talks on digital marketing engagement and measurement using analytics.

A content pro dancing to Google's piper tune

Content is still king and quality is rewarded by ranking and customer trust

From Journalism to Marketing

I started my communications career as freelance journalist at the BBC. In 2008, I transitioned to digital marketing through SEO copywriting and social media management for private clients, SMEs and global brands through international advertising agencies.

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Marketing Cutting-edge Research

In 2012, I started contracting at the University of Cambridge, writing/editing, building websites, running and measuring social media campaigns in different fields. My best marketing result: growing a website from 8000 visitors to over 63,000 in less than one year.

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Collaboration & Teamwork

I can work with big and small teams. In big teams I can negotiate with suppliers and ensure work is of high quality. In small teams I offer web development, SEO, social media and analytics support. I am happy to work with other writers and creatives when the budget allows it.

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A Pair of Safe Hands

This is the best compliment I have ever received from a company I contracted for. I have never let anyone down and always ensured a smooth handover when my work was complete. I take pride in going beyond the brief to delight clients with my creativity.

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